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China extends anti-dumping duties on steel products from Japan, South Korea and the EU

China’s Ministry of Commerce said today that China will extend anti-dumping duties on hot-rolled grain steel from Japan, South Korea and the EU.

The period of validity of the duty as of July 23 is extended for another 5 years.

Anti-dumping duties are set at 39% to 45.7% for Japanese companies, including JFE Steel and Nippon Steel, 37.3% for Korean companies and 46.3% for EU companies.

China, the world’s largest steelmaker, launched an anti-dumping investigation into grain-rolled flat steel from Japan, South Korea and the EU in June last year, following the elimination of duties over the past five years.

The move came at the request of steelmaker China Baoshan Iron and Steel and a division of Beijing Shougang, which argued that lifting the duties could lead to further dumping that would hurt the country’s steel sector.

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