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Asian stock markets closed in the red – Europe’s energy crisis and possible lockdowns in China cause concern

—— The Nikkei in Tokyo closed lower as the number of people infected with COVID increases. The biggest losers were Inpex Corp.-10.05%, Chiyoda Corp.-8.62%, and Fukuoka Financial Group, Inc.-7.87%. The big gainers were Eisai+5.87%, Sumitomo Osaka Cement+3.17%, and Ajinomoto Co., Inc.+2.75%.

The Nikkei index closed at 26,107.65, down 315.82, or -1.2%.

—– The Australian S&P/ASX 200 closed negative as the impact of the interest rate hike weighed on the market. The biggest losers were St Barbara-9.50%, Westgold Resources-9.30%, and Champion Iron Ltd-8.65%. Megaport Ltd+14.03%, Zip+12.75%, and EML Payments+10.51% were the biggest gainers.

The S&P/ASX 200 index closed at 6,594.50 points, down 34.80 points, or -0.52%.
The All Ordinaries Index closed at 6,784.30 points, down 33.80 points or -0.50%.

—– South Korean composite fell to a 20-month low after data from Europe coincided with high oil prices. The biggest losers were LS Corp-14.49%, SK IE Technology Co-14.35%, and LS Electric-12.35%. The biggest gainers were Yg Plus Inc+16.23%, Hyundai Pharm+12.89%, and KidariStudio Inc+11.75%.

The Composite Index (KOSPI) closed at 2,292.01 points, down 49.77 points, or -2.13%.

—– China’s Shanghai Composite closed in the red as investors are concerned about the spread of COVID-19 and China may introduce a new round of lockdown measures to contain the epidemic. The biggest losers were ANHUI HOHGYU WUZHOU Medical(-13.89%), Shenyang Xiangqi Pharma(-12.08%,) and Dingdong Culture(-10.05%). Qingdao Kutesmart(+20.04%), Primarius Tech(+19.99%), and Jiangsu Beiren Robot System Co(+19.98%) were the biggest gainers.

The Shanghai Composite Index closed at 3,355.35, down 48.68, or -1.43%.

—– The Hang Seng in Hong Kong closed lower as investors worried about the recession in the US. The biggest losers were Palinda Holdings-40.66%, Green Future Food-32.56% and Renco Holdings Group Ltd-27.27%. The gainers were Christine Intl+41.28%, Huabao International Holdings+25.41% and Deyun+25%.

Hang Seng Index at 21,586.66 points, down 266.41 points or -1.22%.

—– Thai stock market closed slightly higher after falling in the morning, following the direction of other Asian stock markets. The biggest gainers were Matching Maxmice Solutions+29.76%, M Pictures Entertainment+29.41%, and KWI+29.17%. The biggest losers were Jasmine International-13.16%, NFC-10.53%, and Workpoint Entertainment-10.38%.

The SET closed at 1,541.79 points, up 0.49 points or +0.03%.

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