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Asian stock markets closed higher on strong buying despite concerns over economic slowdown

—– The Nikkei in Tokyo closed on a high note. The decisive factor was the rebounding U.S. futures market. The biggest gainers were Ajinomoto Co, Inc.+6.47%, Kao Corp.+5.50%, and Shionogi+4.98%. Losers were led by Mitsubishi Motors Corp (-8.61%), IHI Corp (-5.30%), and T&D Holdings Inc (-3.39%).

The Nikkei Index closed at 26,491.97, up 320.72, or +1.23%.

—– The S&P/ASX 200 in Australia closed in positive territory. The key factor was a rise in technology and lithium stocks. The biggest gainers were Zip+21.59%, Nearmap+17.95% and Megaport Ltd+15.94%. The biggest losers were Unibail Rodamco Westfield-3.70%, Ampol-2.61% and Viva Energy-2.48%.

The S&P/ASX 200 index closed at 6,578.70 points, up 50.30, or +0.77%.
The All Ordinaries Index closed at 6,762.40, up 71.00 or +1.06%.

—– The KOSPI in South Korea closed back in positive territory after falling yesterday to the lowest level in 19 months. The biggest gainers were IIjin Holdings+22.41%, Kumho HT Inc.+19.90% and Kg Chemical+17.37%. The biggest losers were Kukbo Tians-3.83%, Aluko-1.95% and SNT Holdings-1.90%.

The Composite Index (KOSPI) closed today at 2366.60 points, up 52.28 points, or +2.26%.

—– The Shanghai Composite in China closed in positive territory. This was due to the injection of money into the financial system by the Chinese central bank. Shenzhentran New Material A(+20.02%), Shandong Longhua New Material(+20.02%) and Hinova Pharmaceuticals(+20.01%) were the biggest gainers. The biggest losers were Hangzhou Zhongya Machinery (-33.36%), Shenyang Xingqi Pharma (-16.76%) and NetPosa Technologies Ltd (-11.11%).

The Shanghai Composite Index closed at 3,349.75, up 29.60, or +0.89%.

—– The Hang Seng in Hong Kong closed in line with the US stock markets, which closed higher yesterday. The biggest gainers were Carry Wealth (+48.48%), Vico International Holdings (+43.90%) and Century Ginwa Retail (+25%). The biggest losers were Alco-38.63%, Vicon Holdings-37.63% and China Tangshang-25.63%.

The Hang Seng Index closed at 21,719.06, up 445.19, or +2.09%.

—– Thai stock markets closed positive in line with regional stock markets. PRG Corporation+29.73%, Advance Connection+12.12%, and Chabai Technology+10.87% were the biggest gainers. The biggest losers were Bangkok Dec-Con-14.29%, TWZ-12.50% and Waropakorn-11.36%.

The SET closed at 1,568.76 points, up 11.15 points or +0.72%.

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