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Singapore to import chicken from Indonesia to solve country’s supply problem

On June 16, Singapore is looking into the possibility of importing chicken from Indonesia to solve the country’s chicken shortage problem. Previously, Malaysia announced a ban on chicken exports, which hit Singapore hard as it imported up to one-third of Malaysia’s chicken exports.

The Singapore Food Organization (SFA) announced June 15 that it is working closely with Indonesian authorities to explore Indonesia as a possible source of chicken imports.

The SFA certification process reviews documents and conducts on-site inspections to ensure foreign operations and farms are able to meet Singapore import regulations and food safety requirements before exporting to Singapore.

According to the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture, the SFA team inspected farms, slaughterhouses, processing plants and other related areas.

Indonesia has never sold chickens to Singapore and currently exports only about 50,000 eggs per month to Singapore.

This year, Indonesia, with a population of more than 270 million people, has a demand for about 2.9 billion chickens, but is expected to produce 3.8 billion, which would result in an oversupply of about 900 million.

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