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Musk says one billion Twitter users is the goal

Elon Musk wants to get involved in the service’s product development after his acquisition of Twitter, he said Thursday in a video conference with Twitter employees. His ideas include, for example, charging for verification, which is currently free, and fighting automated bot accounts.

Another goal is said to be getting Twitter to a billion users. That’s an ambitious goal, as Twitter currently has about 230 million active users.

However, Musk also has a damper to offer, as he also wants to cut jobs at Twitter. Twitter is supposed to be ready for the future, and according to him, that is not the case at the moment as costs exceed revenues. However, key employees are said to be unaffected because they are valuable contributors.

Musk has come under criticism since announcing the Twitter deal, accusing Twitter of restricting freedom of speech too much. This is seen very critically by some, who believe that this could contribute to the spread of misinformation and insults.

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