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China Puts Climate Change on its Agenda

The Chinese government stated that the Chinese economy and society are at increased risk from climate change and that the Chinese authorities need to improve their adaptation mechanisms and review capacity at all levels of government.

The Chinese government on Monday (June 13) released its National Climate Change Adaptation Strategy, which states, “Climate change is causing serious impacts on China’s natural ecosystems and continues to spread and penetrate the economy and society.”

The document also states that vegetation belts have shifted northward and China needs to take measures to optimize agriculture and switch to more productive and disease-resistant crops.

At the same time, the Chinese government will modernize the climate change disaster mitigation system and reduce the vulnerability of the economy and natural ecosystems.

China also plans to establish a nationwide climate risk and impact assessment system by 2035 and will require major projects to include climate issues in their environmental impact assessments. It will also make it possible to issue early warnings.

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