US Gasoline Prices Hit New Highs During Memorial Day Holiday

The American Automobile Association (AAA) said the nationwide average gasoline prices hit a record high of $4.619 per gallon on Memorial Day Monday (May 30).

The report states that Nationwide average gasoline prices rose 2.3 cents, or 0.5%, compared to a week ago and 44.1 cents, or 10.6%, compared to a month ago.

Current gasoline prices, regardless of inflation, surpassed a record high of $4.114 per gallon in July 2008.

Yesterday, average gasoline prices in all 50 states and in Washington, D.C., moved above $4 a gallon. California faces the most expensive gasoline price in the country, averaging $6.153 per gallon.

Earlier, the AAA said gasoline demand could skyrocket during the Memorial Day holiday as Americans flock to their cars during the holidays.

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