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Bank of Thailand Reports Improvement in Economy in April

The Bank of Thailand (BOT) reported that the Thai economy improved in April 2022 compared to the previous month. This is due to the fact that private consumption improved due to spending on services. In addition, private investment improved in line with the construction category. And the number of foreign tourists gradually increased after the government eased additional restrictions on international travel.

In addition, the export value of goods excluding gold increased. Industrial production stabilized after a shortage of manufacturing parts and a decline in government spending on current expenditure and federal capital expenditure.

The headline inflation rate slightly decreased from the previous month in line with the energy sector inflation rate, while core inflation remained stable.

The overall labor market has improved but remains fragile. As for the current account, the deficit returned from a deficit in the trade balance due to a decline in gold exports and a sharper deficit in services, income and transfers.

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