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This is How the Markets in Asia Moved

—– The Nikkei index in Tokyo closed lower. It was pressured by the slump in the Dow and by investors selling shares to take profits after the Nikkei had risen for two trading days in a row. Biggest losers were Recruit Holdings-6.58%, Unitika-4.03%, CyberAgent Inc-3.97%. Among the biggest gainers were Nippon Sheet Glass+2.87%, NTN Corp.+2.32%, Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding+2.29%.

The Nikkei Index closed at 26,748.14, down 253.38, or -0.94%.

—– The S&P/ASX 200 closed lower as investors sold technology and healthcare stocks. Tabcorp Holdings-80.24%, Nufarm-14.55%, James Hardie Industries-4.92%, Zip-5.43% were the big losers. A rally in mining stocks boosted the market with Perseus Mining+3.31%, Pilbara Minerals Ltd+3.20%, and Sims Metal Management+2.54%.

The S&P/ASX 200 index closed at 7,128.80, down 20.10 or -0.28%.
The All Ordinaries Index closed at 7,373.20 points, down 25.70 points or -0.35%.

—– The SHANGHAI in China closed down by more than 2%. The United States signaled an end to the trade war with China, but investors said the news from the United States lacked details. The biggest losers were Shanghai Junshi Biosciences Co-20.00%, SMO Clinplus-14.00%, and Changchun BCHT Biotechnology-13.01%. Among the biggest gainers were Beijing Comens New Materials. +18.33%, Miracll Chemicals+14.25%, Changshu Ruite Electric+12.77%.

The Shanghai Composite Index closed at 3,070.93, down 75.93, or -2.41%.

—– South Korea’s KOSPI closed down more than 1.5% as investors worried about the rising inflation outlook. Even though the market was initially supported by U.S. President Joe Biden, who considered lowering tariffs on Chinese imports. The biggest losers were SGC Energy Co Ltd-18.76%, Dohwa Engin-12.50%, and HSD Engine-11.27%. The biggest gainers included Hanchang+29.96%, Pusan Cast Met+20.00%, and Maniker+13.83%.

The KOSPI closed at 2,605.87, down 41.51, or -1.57%.

—– Hang Seng Index in Hong Kong closed lower. The losers yesterday were Nan Nan Resources Enterprise-20.69%, Optima Automobile-18.68%, and Jianzhong Construction-18.64%. On the other hand, Quantong Holdings+60.49%, Diwang Industrial Holdings+47.66%, and Bao Shen+43.36% made big jumps.

The Hang Seng Index closed today at 20,112.10, down 357.96 points or -1.75%.

—– The Thai stock market developed similarly to the other Asian markets. There was still a slight sell-off at the end of the trading session. Big losses were recorded by Watthanakhaet-19.72%, Castle Peak Holdings-18.92%, Pracha-Aporn-11.39%. On the other hand, New City+29.21%, Principal Capital+17.15%, Financia Cyrus Securities+14.76% were the big gainers.

The SET closed today at 1626.23 points, down 9.05 points or -0.55%.

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