This is How the Markets in Asia Moved

—– The Nikkei closed higher for four straight days as investors bought tourism stocks in hopes that travel demand will recover after the Japanese government announced that it will launch trials to allow small foreign tour groups later this month. Among the gainers were IHI Corp +5.45%, Japan Steel Works +4.55%, and Fujitsu +4.30%. Losers of the day included Kikkoman Corp-3.33. %, CyberAgent Inc-2.98% and Hitachi Zosen Corp-2.01%.

The NIKKEI ended at 26,911.20, up 251.45, or 0.94%.

—– The S&P/ASX 200 closed higher for the fourth consecutive day as investors continued to buy mining and technology stocks. Yesterday’s gainers included Champion Iron Ltd +5.29%, South 32 +5.15%, and Corporate Travel+5.07%. The biggest losers were Polynovo -4.63%, Sims Metal Management -3.41%, and AP Eagers -3.28%.

The S&P/ASX 200 index closed at 7,182.70, up 70.20, or +0.99%.
The All Ordinaries Index closed at 7,426.60, up 76.00, or +1.03%.

—– The KOSPI in Seoul closed in positive territory for the second day in a row. Investors are watching inflation trends and the trend of raising interest rates in major economies to curb inflation. HLB Global +29.91%, Sajodongaone+ 13.95%, and Seoyon E Hwa+13.46% saw the biggest jumps. On the other hand, Woojin-8.72%, Sebang Global Battery -7.70%, and Kis Wire -7.03% suffered big losses.

The South Korean Stock Exchange Composite Index (KOSPI) closed at 2625.98, up 5.54, or 0.21%.

—– The Shanghai Composite Index closed in the red after China announced that home prices continued to slow in April. The big losers were North China Pharm-10.04%, Kuaijishan Shaoxing Wine-10.01%, Hunan Fazhan A-10.00%. The gainers were led by Chinadive Watersports +20.06%, Beiling Asiacom Information Technology +20.00%, Guangdong DP +19.98%.

The Shanghai Composite Index closed at 3,085.98, down 7.72, or -0.25%.

—– The Hang Seng Index closed in line with the Dow Jones Industrial Average, which gained more than 400 points on Tuesday (May 17) after the U.S. reported strong retail sales and listed companies reported better-than-expected earnings. Gudou (+137.50%), Daohe Global +74.19% and China Digital Video +30.00% were among the biggest gainers. Losers were led by Jiayuan -70.61%, Jiayuan Intl -41.41%, and Xinchen China Power -24.17%.

The Hang Seng Index closed at 20,644.28 points, up 41.76 points or +0.20%.

—– The Thai stock market is moving quite volatile after rising in the morning and slumping in the afternoon. This was partly due to domestic factors benefiting from the economic recovery to open cities and more regions. The big gainers were led by AQ Estate +50.00%, Castle Peak Holdings +29.93%, Indra Insurance +29.49%. The biggest downward movements were made by Jasmine Na Telecom Systems -23.38%, Jack Chia Industries (Thai) -13.66%, and Thai Central Chemicals -13.64%.

The SET closed at 1620.33 points, up 5.84 points or +0.36%.

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