Thailand Retail Confidence Index in April Higher

The Retail Association of Thailand and the Bank of Thailand (BOT) have released the results of the Retail Sentiment Index (RSI) of retailers for the month of April 2022. Overall, it was found that the confidence index was 56.4, an increase of 9.9 points from March’s 46.5, reflecting an increase in confidence. This is also due to the easing of entry regulations, which brought back confidence that tourists will soon start flowing into the country again.

The retail confidence index for the next three months increased by 10.3 points from 48.9 in March to 58.7 in April, reflecting confidence in control from the Omicron variant. This is in a downward trend and the government is in the process of declaring the endemic.

In the past two years, it has been shown that government projects can support the Thai economy through the COVID-19 crisis, especially by promoting consumption in the product or service sector through the Pracharat Program, the Half-Person Project, “We travel together” and “Good Shopping”, which has a positive impact on entrepreneurs in the retail sector and tourism sector and stimulates economic expansion at a satisfactory level.

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