ECB Maintains 0.00% Interest Rate Policy

The ECB published its interest rate decision today and unsurprisingly left interest rates at 0.00%. The decision could not offer any surprise, as analysts had already anticipated the rest of the current monetary policy.

The deposit facility rate remains at -0.50% and the ECB’s marginal lending facility remains at 0.25%.

On the economic side, the outlook for the eurozone remains uncertain, as there is currently no end in sight to the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. The EU, which is mainly dependent on energy products from Russia, is adopting more and more sanctions, which most recently included a ban on coal imports from Russia.

Meanwhile, inflation in the EU continues to rise. In March, the inflation rate had reached a value of 7.5%, after 5.9% in February. This breaks another record for the inflation rate, which is rising to new highs for the fifth month in a row.

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