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While All Attention Is Focused on Ukraine News, Investors Could Make Big Gains with Hydrogen Stocks

The war in Ukraine continues after Russian troops invaded, even though Russian President Putin says talks between the two sides are pointing in a positive direction. Meanwhile, the West, led by the United States, has imposed tough sanctions on Russia: Bans on imports of Russian oil, gas, and coal, as well as the exclusion of some Russian banks from the SWIFT system.

Now fossil fuel prices are skyrocketing as Russia is a major exporter in the world. Oil prices have already risen to over $130 per barrel and coal futures to over $440. In addition, major stock markets around the world have fallen. In the U.S., the S&P 500 is down 4.85% in one month, the DOW is down 5.16%, and the NASDAQ is down 6.87%. In Asia, the NIKKEI 225 has lost a full 9.15% in one month, the HANG SENG 17.48%, and the SHANGHAI 4.42%. In Europe, the picture is the same: the DAX lost 11.65%, the FTSE 100 6.6%, and the CAC40 10.72%.

However, investors who remained calm and did not allow themselves to be panicked by the current headlines in the mainstream media were able to recognize that there were sectors that were able to profit from the negative events. This includes hydrogen stocks.

Hydrogen is seen by some as part of the green energy of the future. This, along with the move away from fossil fuels and the sanctions imposed on Russia, has made the hydrogen bet hot again. Some of the hydrogen producers’ stocks have been able to make big jumps.

A look at the hydrogen names shows this. Within a month, big gains were made.

ITM Power (LSE: ITM.L) rose 53.94% (1 month).
Ballard Power (NASDAQ: BLDP) rose 18.45% (1 month).
Plug Power (NASDAQ: PLUG) rose 14.8% (1 month).
Nel ASA (NOK: NEL.OL) rose 41.51% (1 month).
SFC Energy AG (XETRA: F3C.DE) rose 28.15% (1 month).
PowerCell Sweden (SEK: PCELL.ST) rose 36.72% (1 month).
Hexagon Purus ASA (NOK: HPUR.OL) rose 28.88% (1 month).

This shows once again that investors who keep a cool head and do not let themselves be led by the mainstream can recognize the opportunity and make a big profit.

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