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Ukraine War Shows Further Impact – Production Lines Shut Down at BMW and Other Major Automakers

Production lines at Europe’s largest BMW plant in Dingolfingen, Germany, are already at a standstill on Monday. The reason for this is cable harnesses being delivered from Ukraine. The company has therefore applied for short-time working, as it is not yet clear to what extent the workforce can be employed elsewhere. Thousands of employees are expected to be affected by the measure.

The same picture can be seen at other car manufacturers such as Audi, Porsche, VW, and truck manufacturer MAN. At Audi in Ingolstadt, two-thirds of production is to come to a standstill from Monday. More than 10,000 employees are expected to be affected.

Disruptions in the supply chain are also affecting the Porsche plant in eastern Germany. Short-time working is to be applied for the 2,500 employees affected. VW and MAN also had to halt production in some areas.

With supply chains disrupted by the COVID 19 pandemic and now slowly recovering, the next crisis brings the next supply chain problems. As the war in Ukraine enters its second week, the full impact on Europe and the world is yet to be seen.

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