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Bitcoin Fell Below $43,000, While Crypto Donations for Ukraine Reached $35 Million

The bitcoin price fell 3.79% to $42,700.27 in Asia tonight (GMT+7).

Bitcoin’s negative price movement came after a strong rally the day before of over 10%. The Fed Chairman Jerome Powell has meanwhile indicated that the U.S. central bank will raise interest rates slightly in the March meeting.

In Ukraine, crypto donations reached $35 million and this is not supposed to be the end.

Ukraine announces the acceptance of more cryptocurrencies to strengthen the country’s armed forces as the fight against Russia shows no signs of easing.

Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Mikhail Fedorov said yesterday (March 2) that the international community can donate Dogecoin, among other currencies.

On Tuesday (March 1), Fedorov tweeted a message revealing details about the “Aid to Ukraine” program, an intergovernmental aid effort that also involves Everstake and Solana.

The Uniswap platform has developed a feature that allows other currencies on the Ethereum blockchain to be converted into Ether and sent to the Ukrainian government.

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