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KTB Reveals Russian-Ukrainian Crisis Boosts Number of Gold Accounts to 60,000

Thailand’s Krung Thai Bank (KTB) said that last week the value of gold traded through the Krungthai Gold Wallet platform reached its highest level since the launch of the online gold buying/selling service via the Bao Tang application, with most investors selling their assets.

Following reports that Russia has launched a major attack on Ukraine. This has caused many countries around the world to impose sanctions on Russia, affecting the volatility of the gold price. During the week, it rose to $1,976.50 per ounce and weakened the baht to 32.885 baht per USD.

The uncertainty of the crisis between Russia and Ukraine is causing investors to closely monitor gold prices and exchange rates to find investment opportunities in profitable assets.

Out of this situation, Krungthai Gold Wallet Platform has opened more than 60,000 accounts, reflecting investors’ confidence in products and services that meet investors’ needs. This is to make it possible to invest, buy/sell gold, and keep up with the situation anywhere, conveniently, quickly, and safely, according to Krung Thai.

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