European Stock Markets Slide Sharply into the Negative, Safe Havens Rise

European stock markets slipped into negative territory before trading after Russia began its military action in Ukraine.

The German DAX was down 4.46% to 13,983.00 before trading.
EURO STOXX 50 futures declined 4.15% to 3,800.00.
The FTSE100 was down 2.28% to 7,271.00.
The CAC 40 declined 0.78% to 6,730.50.

Russian President Putin began his military action in Ukraine’s Donbas region today (Thursday, February 24, 2022). In the morning the Russian soldiers crossed the border. According to its own statements, the military action serves to provide security in the region.

On the side of the Western countries, the G7 will meet tomorrow to discuss serious sanctions against Russia.

U.S. President Biden, meanwhile, says the world blames Russia for the bloodshed in Ukraine. He also plans to speak to the American nation today, Thursday.

While the European stock markets turn negative, commodities like oil and gas and safe havens like gold rise.

The BRENT oil price could exceed the $100 dollar mark and is currently at $102.40 per barrel.

WTI crude oil comes close to the $100 mark and is currently at $97.03 per barrel.

Gold climbs sharply by 1.77% to 1,944.30 per ounce.

Silver rose above the $25 mark to $25.07 per ounce.

Natural gas rises 4.85% to $4.847 MMBtu.

The European gas benchmark TTF Dutch rose this week by 18.94% to 87.73 euros.

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