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Silver Potential Key Component for Green Fuel

Hydrogen is seen as the fuel of the future because hydrogen does not produce CO2 during combustion, but water as a byproduct. Moreover, for some time now, the first vehicles such as buses or passenger cars have been using hydrogen as a fuel.

In addition, there is another point of contention on which the experts are not yet in agreement. The problem at the moment is the production or the energy balance of hydrogen. For the production of hydrogen more energy is needed than is contained in the hydrogen. In addition, it makes little sense to produce environmentally friendly fuel from seemingly “dirty” fossil fuels.

Another problem is the storage of hydrogen. Hydrogen is very volatile at room temperature and should be stored at very low temperatures and high pressure. This also serves to maintain the best energy density. This is where silver could come into play. In combination with gold and copper. Recent studies have shown that the three metals react with hydrogen during its production and make the hydrogen less volatile.

This could be a first step towards making hydrogen a real alternative to existing fuels. But many questions around the topic are still open, such as the energy balance. The future will show how far hydrogen will become established as a fuel.

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