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Does AI take Solana to the Next Level?

2021 was certainly a more than successful year for Solana with its rise to the 5th largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. Solana is considered the biggest competitor to Ethereum with one key advantage and that is the Solana network is super fast. The Solana network currently has around 3,000 transactions per second, which is only a fraction of its capacity, which is said to be up to 65,000 per second. In addition, the massive number of projects in the Solana network gives reason to hope that the current price increase could be just the beginning.

Now the makers of Solana are thinking about integrating AI to make the network even better in terms of speed and security. If this step succeeds, it could be the next boost for the Solana network and make the price of the cryptocurrency rise even further. What would make the whole thing even more interesting would be the topic of Metaverse. Many digital companies are now getting into the metaverse. Maybe the makers of Solana are already thinking about it, which would be no surprise in the fast-growing digital world. Until then, Solana’s two big advantages remain speed and low transaction costs.

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