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Bitcoin Fools Trader after US CPI Figures Released

The bitcoin price dropped after the U.S. inflation figures continued to rise. Today (February 11) the price fell by 2.87% and moved at $43,050.11.


Bitcoin’s negative move was again hand in hand with the U.S. stock markets which all together sank yesterday.

  • The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 526.47 points, or 1.47%, to close at 35,241.59.
  • The S&P 500 index fell 83.10 points, or 1.81%, to close at 4,504.08.
  • The Nasdaq index fell 304.73 points, or 2.10%, to close at 14,185.64.

The bitcoin price shook investors badly yesterday after falling to the $43,200 level a few hours ago. Previously, it had risen well above $45,000 after the US CPI increased by 7.5% this month.

Bitcoin’s volatility has been painful for many leveraged traders. Coinglass data shows that more than $200 million was cleared yesterday and more than $120 million in the last four hours.

To date, nearly 70,000 traders have been liquidated, and the largest individual liquidation, valued at $1.5 million, occurred on FTX.

The Spot Market is Open

Friday, February 11, 2022

Updated at


12.00 BTC43,134.47-542.08-1.24
12.00 ETH3,069.72-58.56-1.87
12.00 LTC132.56-4.27-3.12
12.00 BNB413.67-1.51-0.36
12.00 XRP0.82-0.03-4.08
12.00 ADA1.14-0.02-1.72
12.00 DOT20.46-0.61-2.90
12.00 DOGE0.150.00-1.04
12.00 UNI11.38-0.22-1.90
12.00 LINK17.33-0.39-2.20

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