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This Will Be Important This Week

The U.S.

Key economic information will be released in the U.S. for the first time on Tuesday with imports, exports, and the trade balance. This will be followed on Wednesday by the change in the crude oil inventory.
The U.S. Consumer Price Index and Core CPI report will be released on Thursday. In addition, initial jobless claims figures will be published, as they are every week.
At the end of the week, there are then figures on Michigan consumer expectations, the Fed monetary policy report, and the Michigan consumer sentiment for the month of February.

Development of Russia/Ukraine
On Monday and Tuesday, French President Emmanuel Macron will travel to Russia for talks with President Vladimir Putin, while U.S. President Joe Biden will meet with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz on Monday.

This comes after reports from the U.S. that Russia is on the verge of invading Ukraine. According to mainstream media, there are already more than 100k Russian soldiers on the Ukrainian border. Macron is confident that he can ease the situation in Ukraine by talking to Putin.


On Monday, Germany will publish figures for German industrial production for December. In addition, the U.K. will publish the Halifax House price index. Last month, the House Price Index increased by 9.8%.
On Wednesday, Germany will publish its trade balance for the month of December.
This will be followed on Thursday by the EU economic forecast.
The week closes with important data from the U.K. with the GDP for Q4, the trade balance for December, industrial production for December, and manufacturing production for December. Germany will then show CPI data for January. In addition, Switzerland will release its CPI data for January.


The week in Asia begins with China presenting their figures of the PMI index for the service sector for January. Australia will present figures on retail sales for January. Indonesia will publish its GDP figures for Q4.
Tuesday continues in Japan with the figures for household spending from the month of December. Australia will release NAB business confidence figures for January.
On Wednesday, New Zealand will report inflation expectations. In India, the interest rate decision is due. The current interest rate is 4%. Thailand, where the current interest rate is 0.5%, will also make an interest rate decision. Russia will publish data on the CPI in January, as well as the retail sales and unemployment rate from the month of December.
On Thursday, Turkey will announce its unemployment rate in December. In Indonesia, the interest rate decision is due. Currently, interest rates are at 3.5%.
On Friday in Japan is National Day, which is a holiday in the country. Malaysia will publish the GDP figures from Q4. Turkey will present the retail sales YoY and the Russian Central Bank will announce its interest rate decision. Here, interest rates are currently at 8.5%.

Crypto market

Cryptocurrencies are recovering after losing almost 20% in January. Bitcoin is up almost 8% in February and Ethereum is up almost 12%.

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