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Spotify Plans to Launch New Guidance Following Neil Young’s Removal

After the removal of music from the platform Spotify this week, the waves have been running high, especially in social media. The movement of Spotify has received great recognition from many sides, especially because in the current difficult times the streaming giant protects its creators and stands for freedom of speech. Something that many politicians and artists now want to ban. So it came that Neil Young wanted to have his music removed from the platform at his own request and Spotify complied with this request. Young gave Spotify the choice of removing Joe Rogan’s podcast or his music after Young believes Rogan is giving misinformation about the current pandemic.

After all the hype, the streaming giant now wants to introduce new guides to direct listeners to a so-called COVID-19 hub, where information about the current pandemic will be shown.

In a statement, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek said, “We are working to add a content advisory to any podcast episode that includes a discussion about COVID-19. This advisory will direct listeners to our dedicated COVID-19 Hub, a resource that provides easy access to data-driven facts, up-to-date information as shared by scientists, physicians, academics, and public health authorities around the world, as well as links to trusted sources. Based on the feedback over the last several weeks, it’s become clear to me that we have an obligation to do more to provide balance and access to widely-accepted information from the medical and scientific communities guiding us through this unprecedented time.”

In addition, new platform rules will be introduced, which will include new guidelines for creators about content that Spotify thinks is dangerous.

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