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Bitcoin Rises Over 3% as Stock Market Rises- Belgian Politician Wants Salary in Bitcoin

Bitcoin continues to stay above the $35,000 mark, moving positively by 2.96% to $37,800.5 today (January 29).

Bitcoin’s positive moves this morning came after the Dow Jones Index rallied 564 points, the S&P 500 rose 2.4% to 4431.85 and the Nasdaq rose 3.1% to 13,770.57. The rebound came after the stock markets experienced a downturn in recent days.

Christophe De Beukelaer, member of the House of Representatives for the city of Brussels Belgium has decided to follow the example of two US mayors and wants to receive his salary as deputy governor of Brussels for the year 2022 in Bitcoin, as Bitcoin is like “digital gold” in his opinion.

In doing so, he works with Belgian crypto company Bit4You to convert salaries into bitcoin.

He also addressed some of the most worrisome issues in the current financial landscape, such as the overprinting of fiat currencies by central banks and the threat of inflation.

He also called on his home country to be more active in adopting cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. In his words, he did not want Belgium to “miss the boat.”

De Beukelaer says he will be the first Belgian politician to receive his salary in Bitcoin, following in the footsteps of Miami’s mayor, who was the first to do so. Recently, the mayor of New York City also announced plans to receive parts of his salary in Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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