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Arizona Senator Introduces Bill to Turn Bitcoin into Legal Tender

Republican Senator Wendy Rogers has introduced a bill in Arizona to make Bitcoin a legal tender. The bill, SB 1341, would allow people to use the cryptocurrency to pay debts, public fees, taxes, and other charges.

This could be Bitcoin’s next success story after El Salvador. Bitcoin, considered by many to be the currency that will bring back freedom, is seen as the only cryptocurrency that is truly decentralized, as there will only be 21 million Bitcoins. This means that no one will be able to create more out of thin air.

Whether the bill will eventually become a reality is not clear at this time, as the U.S. Constitution does not foresee American states creating their own legal tender.

The bill will now go to the Arizona Senate and House of Representatives before Gov. Doug Ducey (Republican) can sign it into law.

Wendy Rogers is not alone in this idea, however. Don Huffines (Republican) current candidate for governor of Texas, stated recently that he would make Bitcoin a legal tender if elected.

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