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GULF to Take Digital Thailand to a Next Level with Binance Collaboration

Big Deal – GULF joins forces with Binance, the world’s leading digital trading platform Digital Asset Market Service to conduct a study in Thailand for a digital asset exchange.

Ms. Yupapin Wangwiwat, Chief Financial Officer of Gulf Energy Development Public Company Limited or GULF, informed the Stock Exchange of Thailand that Gulf Innova Company Limited has signed a memorandum of understanding to collaborate with Binance Group to jointly explore and develop a business development plan for digital asset exchanges and related businesses in Thailand.

GULF said the company recognized the exponential growth of digital infrastructure in Thailand as the economy is driven by innovation and technology.

Digital assets and related technologies will play an important role in improving the efficiency of the country’s financial infrastructure. Moreover, they will become more important in people’s daily lives.

Digital companies and the Thai stock market view this deal as an attractive major deal. Both companies have their strengths, and Gulf is an energy company that invests in infrastructure, including investments in information technology companies such as Intouch.

The move to invest in the digital assets business by partnering with giants like Binance is a quick and forward-looking move.

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