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Bitkub and Thongtang Group Launch “Bitkub World Tech”

Bitkub is joining forces with Thongtang Group to form a joint venture company “Bitkub World Tech” to develop digital technology education, with the expectation that Thailand will become a “blockchain hub” to help the country out of the middle-income trap.

Bitkub’s CEO shared that the company and Tongtang Group have signed a memorandum of understanding to establish a joint venture company called “Bitkub World Tech Company Limited” with the aim of creating an education company.

The collaboration aims to develop education, particularly in digital technology, to provide Thai children with knowledge and skills in line with the goal of “creating opportunities and developing careers for tomorrow’s world.”

The goal is to help Thailand achieve a better quality of life and escape the middle-income trap. Thailand is to become the global blockchain hub, bringing higher incomes to the country and enabling the creation of companies that will change the world in a sustainable way.

Wichai Thongtang, an investor, businessman and co-founder of Bitkub World Tech, said that this partnership is seen as a connection between the old and new generations. It shows that the old generation and the new generation can make it and open their minds to see the future in the same direction.

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