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Thailand’s Carbon Tax May Become Huge

Climate change prophets see an ever-growing problem and are calling for higher and higher taxes and penalties for so-called climate change offenders. If Thailand does not take serious countermeasures, the Thai export sector may have to pay high carbon taxes.

The world’s great thinkers believe that all trade sectors are prone to emitting greenhouse gases and attach great importance to them. Because these are seen as the main contributors to climate change.

In Thailand, the government must focus on the main causes of greenhouse gas emissions, otherwise face higher expenses in the form of taxes.

The agricultural sector is under the most scrutiny because it seems to consume large amounts of water.

Traditional agriculture is a concern for all sectors and a campaign to change the method of cultivation to wet and dry farming, but this method can only be carried out in irrigated areas, that is, on 26% of the agricultural land. In the Chao Phraya Basin, more than 70% of the 12.6 million households across the country farm during the rainy season.

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