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Bitcoin Falls 1.3%, but the Network Is Safer Than Ever Before

Bitcoin continues to move down today. In the late evening in Asia, the bitcoin price moves with 1.31% in the negative at $46,493.65. The price movement continues to be the game board of traders who again today enjoyed a wide range of volatility.


Within a few minutes today, the bitcoin price has moved up and down by as much as $800 each, which meant great profits for skillful traders.

Bitcoin has now turned 13 this year. The network continues to grow in popularity and this year has also become more secure than ever before. If someone wanted to attack the network today, they would need 2 years with 100% of the current Hashrate to rewrite the entire blockchain. The success is due to the decentralized structure and the proof-of-work network of Bitcoin, which is only possible thanks to the growing acceptance of Bitcoin.

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