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Further Arrests of Journalists in Hong Kong

Journalists and writers don’t have it very hard these days unless they have a different opinion than their governments. That the foundation of free expression and independent reporting is crumbling can be seen in many so-called democratic countries like Germany or the United States.

In Hong Kong, for example, journalists, writers, and owners of newspaper companies critical towards the government are being arrested by the dozen.

The most famous example is probably the owner of the “Apple Daily” Jimmy Lai who is now charged with sedition.

Now it has hit the next 6 journalists. The editor-in-chief of “Stand News” Ronson Chan was arrested on Wednesday. The office of the online news channel was investigated by Hong Kong police after 6 former and current employees were arrested. The reason for the search was alleged: “conspiracy to publish an insurgent publication”. In addition to the office, the journalists’ homes were also searched and various materials were confiscated.

Another sad example of how freedom is being removed piece by piece from our society and this is not only happening in Hong Kong.

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