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BlockFi Sees Number of Crypto Adopters Exploding in Next Few Years

The CEO and co-founder of BlockFi, Flori Marquez, mentioned that this year was the year when more and more customers invested in cryptocurrencies. This is because most people are afraid of missing the opportunity to invest in cryptocurrencies. This is considered to be an important factor that drives investors a lot.

BlockFi executives expect more concrete cryptocurrency legislation to be enacted next year. This year is truly a golden year for cryptocurrencies.

Most people are starting to get more involved with cryptocurrencies. It can be seen that the majority of American users are starting to focus more on investing in cryptocurrencies. It is expected that the number of users will increase tenfold in the next year. Looking only at BlockFi, the number of users in 2019 was around 10,000, but now more than 220,000 people are using the service and the company is expected to have even more users in the coming years.

The future development of cryptocurrencies is expected in the coming years. Americans are afraid of missing out on golden investment opportunities. During the upcoming long weekend, believe that more and more people start talking about investing in crypto. Plus, there is a possibility that more and more people will start to enter the crypto industry.

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