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Bitkub Coin Takes Off and Reaches a New All-Time High

This morning it was already anticipated because after the announcement that CoinEx will accept KUB, the coin could already take off. Now the KUB token has reached a new all-time high after the coin was listed on the CoinEx exchange.

KUB has jumped from a low of 200 baht this month (December 1) to a record high of 580 baht earlier today.

Currently, the price is 491.99 baht, a slight decrease.

Now that a total of 3 foreign crypto exchanges Gate.io, CoinEX, and MEXC Global have added KUB, foreign investors can access the KUB coin and can inject new capital into the coin.

However, investors should keep a close eye on KUB’s next movements, as cryptocurrencies can be very volatile during large volumes in buying and selling. Now that more capital can flow into KUB, investors should not only watch the upward movements but also the downward movements.

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