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Bitcoin Hovers at $50,000 Mark with Biggest Bitcoin Event Ever on the Horizon

Bitcoin price movement this morning continues to not show which direction it should go. For now, the BTC price is hovering at the $50,000 mark and may take small steps upward in a mixed crypto market for the time being. At 5:50 this morning (December 28), it was up 0.51% at $50,958.75.

Bitcoin price positive movement this morning comes after the Dow Jones Index closed up 351 points on Monday (Dec. 27) as investors eased concerns about the spread of the coronavirus.

Bitcoin 2022 is scheduled to take place in Miami in early April (6-9) and is expected to be the largest Bitcoin event in Bitcoin history. Here, Bitcoin fans from all levels are to be drawn from newbies to veterans and interested parties. The event is intended to be a showcase for technological progress and, of course, networking.

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