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Bitcoin Moves Back Below $50,000 – Bitcoins in Circulation Continue to Decline

Bitcoin is moving below the $50,000 mark again this Sunday (Dec. 26). Could this be seen as another bearish signal? For now, we can only speculate and at 12:00 noon ET, Bitcoin is at $49,800.Bitcoin

Source: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/bitcoin/

According to the CryptoRank platform, the number of BTC in circulation has decreased dramatically. On the largest crypto exchanges, only 6.3% of the available Bitcoins are still in circulation. With Coinbase 583k, Binance 329k and Bitfinex 193k still the platforms with the most Bitcoins in circulation.

According to data, the number of BTC has steadily decreased since 2020, in July there was still 7.3% in circulation whereas in December there are only 6.3%.

If the numbers decrease even further, prices could see new highs again very soon.

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