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Majority of Institutional Investors to Invest in Crypto Market in 2022

Most institutional investors are already looking for alternative investments such as cryptocurrencies.

The report, based on a survey by Natixis Investment Managers, indicates that institutional investors are starting to pay more attention to crypto assets. They began to consider the possibility of investing more in the cryptocurrency market.

Natixis Investment Managers surveyed 500 institutional investors with total assets of approximately $13.2 trillion. “Which markets will they invest in over the next year?” and “Which asset or instrument do they think has the potential to grow further?”

The survey found that cryptocurrencies are the most considered because they are an asset with the highest growth potential. Followed by volatile interest rate bonds, equities, and technology stocks.

Although most of them are looking at the cryptocurrency market in the same direction, some are also starting to consider speculations. This includes the possibility of other cryptocurrencies emerging in the future.

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