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Meta Hopes for Metaverse Boom in Thailand

Meta (Facebook) is accelerating the integration of Facebook applications with various technologies. Under the new name of the company is trying to accelerate the introduction to use the Metaverse in Thailand in real life.

Prae Dumrongmongkolkul, Country Director of Facebook Thailand from Meta said, “I’m excited about the company’s milestone change. Meta in Greek means “beyond”, which means one step beyond technology. This concept reflects the direction we are taking and the future we are building. What we would like to emphasize is that even the company name may change. But our mission remains focused on connecting people on better experiences. We are committed to delivering a metaverse experience to keep people connected. Discover communities and build a business. Metaverse will transform the industry in the future. We’ve already begun to see examples of Metaverse being used in education, work, medicine, health (fitness), sports, entertainment, gaming, the world of commerce, and shopping. We believe Metaverse will create a multi-billion dollar digital economy and create a creator economy that will create more jobs in the future.”

Metaverse is the latest example of how Meta’s technology is evolving to help people connect, find community and grow together. When Facebook launched in 2004, it changed the way people connect with each other. Apps like Messenger and Instagram gave billions of people the ability to connect with people around the world.

“We have a clear goal of continually building and developing core products. As we are taking the time to lay the foundations of Social Technology in the future, our core application experience will be central to building the future metaverse ecosystem.”

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