Stock Market Collapse Is ‘Good News’ For Bitcoin

Robert Kiyosaki, author of the book Rich Dad Poor Dad, said the impending collapse of global financial markets is “good news” for Bitcoin. The number one market is very volatile these days.

“I’m Silver Hardcore. And you know I’m a Bitcoin supporter, that financial market collapse will be good news for us. But it will be bad news for the baby boomers. My rich father told me Profit doesn’t happen when you sell. But it will happen when you buy. So you get into the market early on,” Kiyosaki said during an interview.

Its predictions of a massive market crash, from which holders of cryptocurrencies and precious metals will benefit twice. Because those who begin to accumulate the right assets will not have to worry about the extreme volatility caused by a financial catastrophe.

As for Kiyosaki, he likes precious metals because there is no counterparty risk. Whereas, Bitcoin and Ethereum networks are outside the jurisdiction of the Federal Reserve and the financial system.

“Gold and silver have no risk counterparties, Bitcoin is a network, just like Ethereum, they are beyond the control of the Fed,” added Robert Kiyosaki.

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