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Gold and Silver – A Gift with Foresight

Christmas and New Year’s Day are just around the corner, and what a fast-paced year 2021 was, with highs and lows. When looking at the macro influences on the finances of the normal population, the negative influences outweigh as the general purchasing power fell in almost all countries of the world. More specifically, consumer prices have soared, with a sad view of the CPI and PPI figures at the end of the year.

All the more worthwhile this year on the choice of gifts at the turn of the year. Your loved ones a gift in the form of gold and silver could make the eyes of the recipient shine in the glow of precious metals. Looking at the prices, gold stands at about $1,800 and silver at $22 per ounce is still relatively cheap. For the small joy, silver could be a very good alternative since this is to be had for small money. In the form of coins or bars, the gift makes a noble impression. But you should hurry because in many countries the demand for physical gold and silver has increased and you have to wait a long time for your precious metals.

Should the global omens darken once again, this could force the currency guardians to send out the helicopters with their currency packages again, causing the global currencies to lose further value.

If inflation then continues to rise and the value of the precious metals also increases, the true value of the gift could become apparent.

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