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Generation Z Teens Give Cryptos as Christmas and New Year’s Gifts

A new survey found that younger generations are interested in getting cryptocurrencies as gifts for Christmas and New Year.

BlockFi, a U.S.-based cryptocurrency provider, has found that nearly 1 in 10 Americans will gift cryptocurrencies to their loved ones this Christmas and New Year.

The survey found that 1,250 Americans would like to give or receive coins as gifts. The most popular coins in the survey were Bitcoin with 75%, followed by Dogecoin and Ethereum.

Whereas about one-third of Millennials plan to buy cryptocurrencies in 2022, 25% of older generations plan to buy cryptocurrencies next year.

Another survey conducted by showed a similar picture in Australia. According to the survey, more than a quarter are willing to give digital assets as a Christmas gift this year.

More than 26% of the 2,020 Australians aged 18-59 surveyed would give crypto as a gift or buy crypto-related gifts for Christmas. Among crypto items, clothing items were most often mentioned.

The data shows that crypto remains a hot topic.

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