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Bitcoin Falls Below Previous Low – Down 3.8%

Yesterday at 10:20 p.m. ET, the bitcoin price dropped as low as $45,618.22, below the previous low. In the last 24 hours, the price fell 3.80% before gradually rising. Today at 07:40 ET, the BTC price is at $46,220.9.

Bitcoin’s very negative move this morning came after the global stock market and oil market fell on Friday due to concerns about the outbreak of the new covid strain Omicron. Mainstream experts are predicting that the new Omicron strain may be so severe that the world will not be able to deal with it because many vaccines are so ineffective at creating immunity to the new virus.

The Spot Market is Open

Saturday, December 18, 2021

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12.15 BTC46,514.08-322.61-0.69
12.15 ETH3,888.85+116.79+3.10
12.15 LTC147.32+2.90+2.01
12.15 BNB528.08-1.60-0.30
12.15 XRP0.81+0.02+2.38
12.15 ADA1.23+0.02+1.57
12.15 DOT24.89+0.21+0.85
12.15 UNI15.44+1.47+10.53
12.15 LINK19.09+0.84+4.61

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