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Bitcoin Falls Nearly 3% After IMF Demands

Bitcoin price is moving in a negative direction again today as at 7:40 am this morning (December 17) the price had dropped by 2.92% and was moving at $47,743.48.

Bitcoin price move into negative territory this morning after the International Monetary Fund (IMF) called on the world to regulate cryptocurrencies. A global policy to regulate cryptocurrencies should be put in place. The call comes as countries around the world are considering ways to regulate cryptocurrencies.

As we saw in China earlier last month, the People’s Bank of China officially launched new measures to control crypto adoption in China, including building interdepartmental cooperation to crack down on crypto activity.

The Russian Central Bank has also banned investment funds from investing in Bitcoin, and the government in India is also in the process of passing a law on cryptocurrencies.

Part of the United Kingdom, which has previously seen a large number of cryptocurrency-related advertising violations from various exchanges, is calling on Congress to oversee cryptocurrency regulators keep an eye on false advertising.

The Spot Market is Open

Friday, December 17, 2021

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10.20 BTC47,743.38-1,334.97-2.72
10.20 ETH3,966.16-94.46-2.33
10.20 LTC149.69-6.13-3.93
10.20 BNB531.11-11.16-2.06
10.20 XRP0.81-0.02-2.17
10.20 ADA1.25-0.07-5.37
10.20 DOT26.00-1.47-5.35
10.20 UNI14.48-0.70-4.61
10.20 LINK19.01-1.06-5.28

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