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“Cryptocurrencies” – The New Hope in Thailand?

Cryptocurrencies or digital assets are a new asset class, which is becoming more popular among young investors and those who believe that these are the new hopes of the Thai financial system and economy.

Even in Thailand, there is no guarantee that these digital assets can be legally exchanged for goods and services in the same way as fiat currencies. The use of digital assets to pay for goods and services is not supported due to high price fluctuations, the risk of cyber theft, and personal data can be leaked or used for money laundering.

However, the popularity of investing or trading in cryptocurrencies spread a long time ago, and now it is expanding to the corporate sector that recognizes the opportunities of these digital assets by accepting Crypto Coins in exchange for their own products and services. This is now becoming increasingly popular.

Overseas, cryptocurrencies are used in a variety of ways as a medium of exchange for goods and services. From trading services to food to the interest of corporate giants like Elon Musk. His company once announced that Tesla will accept Bitcoins for the purchase of electric vehicles. Even if they change their mind to accept it or not, but it shows that crypto is in the interest of the global economy.

Thailand has also seen the start of brand collaborations. With an increasing number of digital asset service providers. These changes reflect that “cryptos” or digital assets are now closer to everyone.

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