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Crypto Market Sees Another Downturn – Almost All Top Coins in the Red

Monday morning in Asia (Dec. 10), the crypto market sees another downturn as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other coins already suffer early losses.

Bitcoin down 4.5% to $48,211.73
Ethereum down 6.2% to $4,144.55
Binance Coin down 5.5% to $577.32
Solana down 5.8% to $182.10
Cardano down 6.03% to $1,307

XRP up 0.5% to $0.8743
Polkadot down 8.04% to $27.28
Terra down 7.28% to $68.44
Dodgecoin down 4.6% to $0.1715

This means that almost all the top coins in terms of market capitalization are in the red. In addition, this once again shows the volatility in the crypto market.

Crypto Market – Trader Heaven

The volatility in the crypto market seems to be benefiting traders these days, as double-digit percentage gains per day no longer seem uncommon. Long-term holders of coins need to mentally prepare for the roller coaster ride as early losses are to be expected.

However, if we look at the long-term data of Bitcoin or Ethereum, for example, we see that holding over a long period of time can be more than worthwhile.

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