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Iceland Reduces Energy for Bitcoin Farms

Bitcoin continues to move volatile as of 08:00 ET today (December 9), Bitcoin was up 0.55%, moving at $50,502.90.

The Icelandic government announced it will reduce the power supply for crypto mining and will not relax the request for permission to use more energy in bitcoin mining, effective Dec. 7. Such activities are said to affect the country’s energy supply services.

Landsvirkjun, Iceland’s state-owned electricity company, has decided to reduce electricity supplies to certain industries. These include aluminum smelters and bitcoin farms. Due to the problem in power plants with the low level of hydropower reservoirs and access to energy from external suppliers.

The Spot Market is Open

Thursday, December 9, 2021

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12.00 BTC49,842.78+800.22+1.63
12.00 ETH4,388.74+92.16+2.15
12.00 LTC161.21+1.66+1.04
12.00 BNB606.41+24.51+4.21
12.00 XRP0.86+0.04+4.61
12.00 ADA1.38+0.01+0.80
12.00 DOT29.11+0.65+2.29
12.00 UNI17.71-0.05-0.28
12.00 LINK22.07-0.07-0.32

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