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Hackers Steal $200 Million Worth of Cryptos

U.S. crypto exchange Bitmart experienced theft on Monday as company founder Sheldon Xia shared on Twitter. Hackers have captured the equivalent of $200 million in cryptocurrencies on the platform. It seems that the hackers were in possession of a digital key that allowed them to steal the coins. This digital key allowed the thieves to access two hot wallets. Bitmart assured that only two of them were affected and that all others’ assets were safe.

Bitmart has suspended all withdrawals from the platform until further notice. The hackers are said to have stolen coins built on the Ethereum and Binance blockchain. Bitmart will now undergo a security audit to identify further damage.

However, the company intends to pay for the damages suffered by the users of the stolen coins. The company is also working on re-enabling deposits and withdrawals, but this can only be done step by step.

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