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Bitcoin Continues Downward Spiral

Today, around 08:04 AM ET, Bitcoin is down 6.6% to $52,496.59, a loss of $3,112.06 from its last close.

Bitcoin, the world’s leading digital currency, is down 22.6% from this year’s high of $69,000.

The world’s second-largest coin, Ethereum from the Ethereum blockchain network, also fell 7.21% to $4,110.97 at around 03:19 AM this morning, losing $307.35 from its previous close.

Moreover, Square has changed its name to “Block,” with the goal of making Bitcoin the world’s currency. The name change has a flavor of Facebook’s name change to Meta earlier this year to shift focus from social media.

The renaming took place just two days after Mr. Dorsey stepped down as CEO of Twitter. Many have speculated that he will focus more on crypto and blockchain technology after his resignation.

The Spot Market is Closed

Saturday, December 4, 2021

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12.00 BTC50,254.42-6,879.48-12.09
12.00 ETH4,033.42-560.01-12.19
12.00 LTC168.61-37.05-18.03
12.00 BNB551.78-72.53-11.66
12.00 XRP0.84-0.14-14.32
12.00 ADA1.43-0.22-13.36
12.00 DOT30.09-6.22-17.13
12.00 UNI17.98-3.71-17.11
12.00 LINK21.13-4.77-18.51

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