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Bitcoin Dropped to $56,000

Bitcoin fell 1.34% today (December 3) to trade at $56,160.52.

The movement affected the global crypto market following news that Facebook is lifting its ban on cryptocurrency ads.

Now Meta, Facebook’s new corporate name, announced Wednesday (Dec. 1) that the company has expanded its territory heavily into digital assets and is ready to lift its advertising ban.

As the trend towards cryptocurrencies continues to grow, the ban on cryptocurrency advertising, which had been in effect since January 2018, officially comes to an end.

The Spot Market is Open

Friday, December 3, 2021

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22.45 BTC56,089.77-673.74-1.19
22.45 ETH4,504.63-40.06-0.88
22.45 LTC200.70-3.39-1.66
22.45 BNB611.06-8.61-1.39
22.45 XRP0.96-0.01-0.89
22.45 ADA1.63-0.06-3.50
22.45 DOT35.54-0.42-1.17
22.45 UNI21.45-1.18-5.22
22.45 LINK25.22+0.46+1.86

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