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Bitkub’s Alliances Continue to Grow

A partnership with Bitkub has been announced by Mall Group to create a sustainable digital economy with 3 key strategies to transform the economy of Thailand and make it an investment and tourism hub in Asia.

These three main strategies are:
A new world without borders (GLOBALIZATION) Adaptation to the digital age (DIGITALIZATION) Tourism and hospitality (TOURISM).

Together, this collaboration is intended to bring synergies with the public and private sectors, both in core business areas, to help Thailand become the center for investment in digital assets and tourism in Asia.

Apart from working with The Mall Group, Bitkub has also partnered with the Tourism Authority of Asia and the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) to improve the service and exchange of goods and services of Thai entrepreneurs. Plus, transforming tourism in a new way in line with blockchain technology and bringing digital assets in the form of cryptocurrency to adapt to tourists in Asia.

Partnering with TAT will bring Bitkub to many more travel partners, including Thai AirAsia, Bangkok Chain Hospital, Dusit Thani, Ananda Development, Millennium Group Corporation (Asia), BDMS and Bangkok Airways.

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