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Heavy Bitcoin Whale Is Hungry

Data indicates that the third largest Bitcoin holder has increased his purchases for the second week in a row. He has amassed more than 6,600 BTC, which is equivalent to about $375 million. This looks like a buying of the dip as the Bitcoin price has fallen more than 10% in the recent past.

Bitcoin is currently at 57,856, up 2.4% in the past 24 hours.

However, this holder is focused solely on collecting. Since November 12, the trader has made eight consecutive purchases due to the falling bitcoin price. The first one was worth 1,123 BTC at a price of $64,000 and the last one was over 616 BTC at $57,400.

In total, the whale amassed 6,665 coins in less than two weeks. That’s about $375 million compared to today’s prices.

Said holder has had the highest BTC balance for four months. The last time the holder had the highest balance was when the bitcoin price was $30,000.

The Spot Market is Open

Thursday, November 25, 2021

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15.00 BTC57,773.08+1,010.96+1.78
15.00 ETH4,305.02+58.76+1.38
15.00 LTC217.42+8.72+4.18
15.00 BNB610.76+22.65+3.85
15.00 XRP1.03+0.01+0.88
15.00 ADA1.65+0.01+0.43
15.00 DOT38.77-0.40-1.02
15.00 UNI20.92-0.10-0.48
15.00 LINK26.25+0.46+1.79

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