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Bitcoin Investors Remain Confident

The Bitcoin price has fallen further with a loss of more than 2.5%. However, Bitcoin investors are not letting the current correction get them down.

As can be seen from the investments in digital assets, there was a total inflow of more than $154 million last week.

The bitcoin price has fallen by over 12% throughout the last few weeks. However, recent price movements had no impact on investor confidence. On the contrary, investors let more currency flow into the crypto exchanges again.

Approximately $114 million has flowed into Bitcoin alone.

Now, as the interest and demand for cryptocurrencies among investors continue to rise. BTC is reaching the red zone and has dropped more than 3% in 24 hours. It is currently volatile between $57,000 – $59,000.

A new exchange-traded ETF in the U.S. saw a huge influx of investors.

The second-largest cryptocurrency Ethereum remains the fastest growing altcoin with inflows of more than $14 million last week.

Solana and Cardano are still going strong. The increasing influx of investors indicates that they prefer Solana. Solana recorded over $43 million in trading volume last month, compared to $23 million for Cardano.

SOL remains the fifth largest coin in the world and maintains positive momentum, according to cryptoanalyst analysis.

The Spot Market is Open

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

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13.40 BTC56,510.62-749.93-1.31
13.40 ETH4,247.17-48.13-1.12
13.40 LTC211.86-0.89-0.42
13.40 BNB583.75-11.87-1.99
13.40 XRP1.04-0.01-1.14
13.40 ADA1.67-0.12-6.43
13.40 DOT39.43-1.23-3.03
13.40 UNI21.79-0.20-0.91
13.40 LINK26.35-1.09-3.98

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