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Big Dealer Transfers More Than 15,078 BTC

Bitcoin holders transfer large amounts of BTC, which could have a major impact on the entire crypto market.

Whale Alert, a blockchain tracking service, found that a major holder transferred more than 15,078 BTC from anonymous wallets to another wallet. That equates to a cumulative total of $1.018 billion, while Bitcoin trades at $65,040.

On Tuesday, the 51st wallet with the highest bitcoin holdings transferred over 5,000 BTC coins to an anonymous wallet, incurring a $5.3 fee, equivalent to more than $337 million.

Another major crypto holder sent 1,500 BTC to the Coinbase exchange on Tuesday as well. Worth more than $100 million.

At that time, there was still one major bitcoin holder who transferred 968 BTC from an anonymous wallet to Coinbase.

On Wednesday, Whale transferred 750 BTC from Coinbase to the exchange giant Binance. At the time of the transfer, the BTC was worth more than $48 million.

However, the current bitcoin price has dropped by more than 8.22% from a high of $69,000 to $63,861.75. After holders transferred large sums of money to anonymous wallets, they moved to the famous trading board.

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